Purchased 2 x Vermeer PD10’s

RRHB has chosen to expand its services to undertake large scale pile installation on solar farms throughout Australia. We have chosen to purchase the Vermeer machine as we have been using the brand for over 17 years and believe Vermeer of the best after sales service and most reliable equipment, particularly in solar pile driving business.

We have also chosen to invest in the Carlson GPS unit as this technology claims to reduce piling costs ranging from $2.85 to $8 per pile. The cost reductions are achieved through improved efficiency as the location of the piling can be rapidly identified, hence minimising set up costs and minimises the need for surveying. Carlson units are the most expensive GPS tracking units on pile drivers, however, we believe the reliability and accuracy of these units will flow on to our clients through improved quality and costs of our service.

The Vermeer PD10 is the most powerful pile driver on the market and this is shown by its ability to insert piles to depth in challenging ground conditions where other machines are rejected. We believe at RRHB in doing the job right the first time around.

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