HDD I Hydro-Excavation I Rock Wheel I Solar Pile Installation

Rich River Horizontal Boring Pty Ltd is a small civil construction company that delivers a number of specialised civil services at professional standards and competitive prices. After 17 years, owner operator Andrew McMinn has established a company that simultaneously operates in an efficient and reputable manner. The drilling rig team has over 50 years combined experience that is implemented on site to ensure safety, environmental and quality standards are achieved alongside the ability to overcome any unforeseen problems that arise. This experience and operating structure has allowed RRHB Pty Ltd to provide the highest level of customer service characterised by optimal communication flows and flexibility as Andrew establishes personal relationships with his clients.

The company was started with the intention of specialising in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), however, it has expanded its capabilities that now include rock-sawing, excavation, hydro-excavation and large scale solar farm pile installation. Most of the HDD is undertaken in clay and shale, however, it has completed numerous projects alongside rock drilling companies. The services provided by HDD include installation of pipelines for telecommunications, gas, power, water mains.

RRHB has also expanded into large scale solar pile installation through Rich River Pile Driving Pty Ltd. RRPD understands the importance of renewable energy and aims to contribute to meeting Australia’s renewables target. RRPD Pty Ltd leverages the experience, safety and operating procedures of RRHB’s members to ensure quality and cost effective pile installation.

The company was purchased in 1999 and has successfully completed a number of key projects for reputable clients such as Telstra Visionstream, Service Stream, Powercor etc. The company operates nation-wide, however most works are completed in Victoria and southern New South Wales.



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